New Taste of Home Cookbook + New Recipe = SUCCESS!

The other night, I  had some friends over for supper and was excited to prepare a tasty meal.  I wanted to start it off with a Fresh & Fruity Spinach Salad, that I found in the new Taste of Home Cooking School Cookbook(This is an AMAZING cookbook- over 140 fresh techniques, demos, tips, and secrets for entertaining).  You can buy this cookbook at

I thought this salad would be perfect to kick off Spring, and my dinner party.  I made a couple of changes…The recipe called for walnuts and I already had pecans.  So, I used pecans and it was fabulous.  It also calls for a tiny bit of tarragon, but I left it out.  I wasn’t sure if everyone liked tarragon.  It was still a marvelous dressing.  The recipe is also found on

Needless to say the salad and dinner was a complete success….

Happy Cooking!

Michelle “RED” Roberts

2 thoughts on “New Taste of Home Cookbook + New Recipe = SUCCESS!

  1. I am Michelle’s TN Mom and we were at that dinner. The salad was wonderful and the dressing was fantastic. Using pecans instead of walnuts made the flavors blend better. Walnuts can have a “heavy”taste to them and with this type of dressing pecans worked better. Michelle is a wonderful cook, and the entire dinner was great.

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