March Madness!

It definitely heated up in Madisonville KY last night. By the time the cooking school started, it had already reached a balmy 78 degrees! Madisonville always has a great turn out and last night was no exception. They were dancing in the aisles waiting for the show to begin and the excitement in the air was electric! This really made me want to do my best show.

Everyone was so excited about the food and the delicious recipes that I was preparing. They yelled and cheered every time I pulled a trick out of my sleeve or added some delicious ingredient, or showed a kitchen gadget! I was having so much fun and was so impressed by the extra enthusiasm that was displayed in the auditorium!

I asked for a show of the men in the audience, and surprisingly, there were quite a few! Then someone yelled out, “the game isn’t on tonight, that’s why they’re here!”

And then it struck me. The number one basketball team, the Kentucky Wildcats were gearing up for the NCAA tournament. After a few more recipes, with the same hoopin’ and hollerin’, someone else yelled out, “Western Kentucky just won!” The crowd went wild! Two Kentucky teams in the tournament!

It turns out that tonight’s game will be Kentucky vs.Western Kentucky! And here I thought they were yelling like that for the food and the food only!

Nevertheless, it was a night full of fun, laughter and a lot of cheering!

Good luck to both of the Kentucky teams, and thank you Madisonville for the March Madness!

Chef Dana

p.s. Go Irish!

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