Trick or Treat? Time to Eat!

I love Halloween because it is such a fun and silly celebration. It is the only day of the year that kids AND adults can dress up and pretend to be whoever they want to be without fear of scrutiny.  I haven’t decided for sure yet what I will be for Halloween but, I am leaning toward dressing up as “Chef Of The Future” which was a character that Jackie Gleason created on his old TV show The Honeymooners.  My only concern is that nobody under 50 will have the slightest idea of who I am dressed up as nor would they even know who Jackie Gleason was!  Actually that may make it even more fun!  I love hosting Halloween Parties and let me tell you we have had some doozies!  My last party I actually built a haunted house in my basement and we had a ghoul give guided tours in the dark through a maze of monsters.  I still have fishing line and bats hanging from my rafters down there from the last party we had.  We really got the party going at midnight when I taught all my guests a line dance and we danced outside in the moonlight to music of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

All this scary talk is making me hungry!  Did you know that you can find hundreds of ideas for recipes and crafts for your own Halloween celebrations on our Taste Of Home website?  Check out these fun recipes using the left over candy from your child’s trick or treat bag at—Celebration-Recipes/Halloween-Recipes/Recipes-Using-Leftover-Halloween-Candy.

Spooky fun in La Salle?

Here is a tip to help your pumpkin stay fresher longer after you have carved it.  Rub petroleum jelly on all the cut edges of the pumpkin to seal the rind.

I love to see our Taste Of Home fans getting into the Halloween spirit at our shows.  At my show in LaSalle IL last Saturday I had my picture taken with Sandi Milota who was wearing a beautiful Halloween sweater.  Sandi is a great fan of our Cooking Schools and it is always great fun having her at one of my shows.  Well it’s off to Colorado and Kansas next for me.  I hear they have some really haunted places out west so I plan on not only using garlic in my recipes but I may wear a clove or two around my neck just in case vampires really do exist!

6 thoughts on “Trick or Treat? Time to Eat!

  1. Happy Halloween to you too! What a great team you all are! I appreciate the opportunity I have received to get to know all of you!

    • Hello Patricia,
      Thanks for visiting our new blog. We are all working hard to make it fun, interesting, and informative. We all have such a great passion for Taste Of Home, the Cooking Schools, and our audiences. Have a great holiday and we look forward to seeing you at future shows……Guy

      • Thanks Guy, I definitely am looking forward to attending more of Taste of Home Cooking Shows.Happy Halloween!

  2. Do you have a good recipe that I can have ready (like a finger food) for my two toddler grandsons who will be visiting me for Halloween to get some treats?

      • Thank you so much for responding to me….I definitely will be trying out the recepies with my two grandsons this year on Halloween afternoon; they will be coming for a Halloween lunch with their GAMMY! tHANKS AGAIN!!!!!! Patty.

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