Taking it Easy for Made Easy!

Hi Friends!

Dana, Betsy and Lauren rocking the "canning station!"

This week comes as a whirlwind of activity as 4 of our amazing Taste of Home Culinary Specialists are in Milwaukee rehearsing for the second half of our season, called “Made Easy.”  We’re learning 8 brand new recipes, tasting yummy food, and generally “taking it easy at made easy.”  Let me tell you, these Made Easy recipes are pretty awesome.  They stretch the gamut from appetizers to desserts to delicious beverages!  Not only will will we show you cool kitchen shortcuts, but also demonstrate new techniques and cooking styles.  Who’s got two thumbs and is excited to do some canning?!?!  This guy!

Finished Product!

Just as we begin practicing new recipes and new techniques for the show, it reminds me of why we do what we do.  We love to cook and we love to share with friends.  What do you like to bring to pot lucks, or to dinner parties?  What amazing recipe do all of your friends adore?

I’m certain that you’ll find some new favorite dishes, so empty out your recipe box to make room.  We’ll be swinging into your town soon, excited to show you everything we’ve been working on!

Tasty Treats!

8 thoughts on “Taking it Easy for Made Easy!

  1. I want to go to a show! You all look like you’re having a ball and I feel as though I am seriously missing out on something! Can’t wait until Taste of Home comes to my town! Thanks for everything you all do!

    • I went to my first show last week, and it was awesome. Hope it comes to a town near you. Even if you have to travel a bit….GO, it is fun!!!

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