Life on the Road…

One of the things that I love about working for Taste of Home is getting the chance to see so many interesting things as I travel.  Because I drive to each show, I’m able to take in a lot of scenery, and occasionally take some time to do a little sight-seeing.  As I left home a couple of weeks ago for California, I drove through the Bonneville Salt Flats along I-80 in Utah.  I’ve driven through here before, but it’s always fascinating to look out and see the salt flats stretching out for miles.

Salt Flats in Utah

After completing a couple of shows in California, I headed north to Washington.  As I drove through the mountains of northern California, I saw snow!  Yes, it’s still early October, but winter is definitely on it’s way.  It was too cold to get out and take a picture, so please pardon the view from inside my van🙂

Driving to Portland

Yesterday, I drove through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge on my way home to Utah from Portland, Oregon.  It was raining off and on, but for several miles, there was a beautiful rainbow stretching across the Gorge.  Even though I’ve driven through the Gorge more times than I can remember, this is the first time I’ve seen a rainbow there.  It’s a beautiful drive any time of the year, but I was glad I went through yesterday!

Columbia River Gorge

I’m looking forward to seeing many more things as I continue to travel this fall.  I have shows in Utah, California, Washington, Arizona and Missouri coming up, so if I’ll be heading your direction, let me know what to watch for!

-Kristi, Taste of Home Cooking School Culinary Specialist

2 thoughts on “Life on the Road…

  1. I enjoyed th cooking show last night in taunton Ma. I do have one question though. I noticed that none of the recipes have the nutritional facts displayed. Because I am on weight watchers it’s a toll that would be handy for me when deciding what recipes to prepare.

    • Thanks for coming to one of our shows! If you are looking for nutrition facts for new recipes, you can check out our Healthy Cooking magazine; all of the recipes in there contain the nutritional information. Or, for recipes that don’t already have the nutrition facts, I like to use this online calculator: It allows you to input all of the recipe ingredients, then calculate the nutrition facts according to the number of servings.

      Happy Cooking!

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