“Red Hot” Cooking School Fans!

My Wonderful Assistants

“Hello” from Middleton, Wisconsin!!

I just finished my latest cooking school here in Wisconsin.  We had a great time at the show with lots of fun prizes, recipes, and a few laughs along the way!  Thank you to the Taste of Home fans who stopped by to say “hello”.  I appreciated your warm welcome to the Madison area.

Bonnie Oleson and the entire staff at Magic 98 were a pleasure to work with.  I can see why their radio station is so popular.   These folks are fun people!

At each cooking school I work with a different group of local volunteers.  They typically arrive around 8:30 AM to help me measure and/or chop ingredients, bake some of our baked goods in advance, etc. For this show I had the pleasure of working with a delightful group of Red Hat Ladies.

They were excellent backstage helpers and didn’t miss a beat throughout the entire show. I know they got a “work out” going up and down the stairs to the stage, standing under the warm lights, and working next to those hot ovens.  I couldn’t ask for a more helpful (or fun) bunch to work with.  Thanks ladies!!

As I mentioned during the show, King Arthur flour is hosting a baking workshop at the Madison Marriott this Thursday, October 6, so be sure to check out their web site for all the details. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/baking/traveling-baking-demos.html#demo-locations  I’m sure it will be an excellent program!

Karen Davis, Culinary Specialist, Taste of Home Cooking School

2 thoughts on ““Red Hot” Cooking School Fans!

  1. Hey Karen,

    Just a quick question about your shows. A few of my friends and I are going to attend the show in Lees’ Summit Missouri. My question is, the show in Lawerence Kansas going to be of the same recipes? We are looking forward to seeing the show. We are planning the whole day of fun. We all took the day off of work and are going to have a blast at the show. As we always do. We already have tickets for the one in Lees’ Summit the one in Lawerence aren’t for sale yet.

    See you at the show,
    Lea Ann

    • Hi Lea Ann,
      Thanks so much for your message. I’m excited to hear you are coming to the cooking school in Lee’s Summit! What a fun day for you and your friends. I look forward to seeing you there! As far as the show in Lawrence, KS — that program will have a different set of recipes, and it is being conducted by Eric Villegas from the Taste of Home Cooking School team. So, if you’re able to attend both shows, we’d love to have you!! See you in Lee’s Summit!
      Karen Davis, Culinary Specialist, Taste of Home Cooking School

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