Oooh, Mexico!

Perhaps you’ve heard… we’re taking a trip and headed to the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico!  We would LOVE for you to join Funjet Vacations and the Taste of Home® Cooking School on this trip January 4-8th 2012 at this gourmet-inclusive AAA Four Diamond Resort for the first tropical cooking school getaway! Get away from the doldrums of winter and delight in cooking demonstrations by well-known executive chefs from the El Dorado Royale and Taste of Home® Culinary Specialists.  Spoil yourself in the many flavors of Mexican cuisine and enjoy turquoise waters, splendid suites, revitalizing spa services, stylish bars and exquisite restaurants.

I know, I know…there are so many to say no, but I’ve decided that it’s okay to indulge yourself ever now and then.  Life is just too short…We all work so hard and have a tendency to put everyone else in front of our own needs… I’m so guilty of it- that last week I was advised that I had a month’s worth of vacation still on record.  Really?!  How did I forget to take a vacation? Even a stay-vacation?  Which, of course, means no travel plans, stay around the house, clean, cook, perhaps a little shopping and still check email but you don’t actually go into the office…You know the kind, right?

Well, I say, NO MORE! It’s time to indulge ourselves and take a well-earned and deserved R&R.   We had the wonderful opportunity to visit this town and resort not long ago…let me tell you… it was BEAUTIFUL.  We can’t wait to go back!

A few people have asked, why Mexico?  A fair question and I think I have a pretty fair answer…first and foremost, if there is any food I could eat every day it would be Mexican.  When I started asking friends, family and co-workers – what food they could eat every day; the answer was the same.  Mexican.   Each and every time I asked the question it was followed by…I wish I knew how to make it myself or I wish I had more authentic recipes…It got us all thinking… Mexico is an amazing place to visit. I have been to various parts of the country many times and I love the people and the weather.   I have never felt unsafe, I have never felt like it was a mistake…what I did feel, however, was grateful to be in such a beautiful, warm and relaxing place.

We truly do hope you will consider joining us. Book your 5 day/4 night getaway to El Dorado Royale or El Dorado Casita Royale and you’ll enjoy an all-inclusive, gourmet experience and participate in hands-on, unique cooking classes and more. You’ll learn new techniques and savor delicious Mexican recipes that you and your family can make at home and enjoy every day!

Customize your vacation to add additional nights before or after to enjoy even more gourmet-inclusive experiences in destination and don’t forget to register HERE for your chance to win this culinary experience, or go to!

6 thoughts on “Oooh, Mexico!

  1. Tried to look at the details of this AWESOME trip…no luck though…it just goes to the Funjet Vacations page and says
    “Sorry, but the item you requested was not found:


  2. This looks like a awesome trip. I so would love to win and go . I have not been on a vacation in so long have been so broke would be a dream come true to win and enjoy the cooking classes. I just went to your show here in Beaumont,Texas and it was really great. I am such a foodie person one day on my next life would love to do cooking shows for a living.

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