Showed up for the Show in Summit, MS

Welcoming the crowd with my pom pons!

Well even though Summit, MS is not my hometown, I consider it my home show.  It is only about 35 miles from where I grew up, so all of my hometown folks show up for the Taste of Home Cooking School held at Southwest MS Community College in Summit, MS.  It is like a Franklin County reunion on show day!  It starts when I go to the door to see the line already forming hours before the doors open.  I get to visit with lots of friends and family that I don’t get to see very often.  Most of them I see once a year at the show.  I am always super excited to be there to entertain them.  It truly feels like home.

They were in for a surprise this year.  My entrance was so fun.  I had a great entrance last year (rode down the aisle in a grocery cart), so we had to do something fun again this year.  I ran in with the Southwest MS Comm. College cheerleaders and the bear mascot!  I had a blast.  I love cheerleaders, I used to be one for 3 years (7th-9th grade) for the Franklin County Bulldogs!  After we ran in, the cheerleaders did a cheer dance and a food cheer that they created especially for the Taste of Home Cooking School.  Way to start the show off with a rah rah sis boom bah!

The place was packed with just over 900 people.  The support in and around that area still amazes me.  It makes my heart swell that people come out and support me and the Taste of Home Cooking School.  It makes me proud to be from that area and proud to work for such a great company.

The show was awesome as usual, lots of prizes were given including a dining table with chairs, recliner and 2 gas stoves.  I also recognized lots of names that were being called for prizes.  I can’t wait until next year!  Until then, Happy Cooking……….

Michelle “Red” Roberts

6 thoughts on “Showed up for the Show in Summit, MS

  1. I just attended your cooking show (again!) in Sparta, TN this last week! It was wonderful, as always! You did a great job! Loved your “little chef!” I have only missed the first year they had it there, but only because I didn’t know about it!

    I have a question…..what store did you find the extra ingredient in that you wouldn’t support on the show (curiosity!), and where can I find a LARGE single element electric burner as an extra burner in my kitchen! Single burners are everywhere, but a large burner is difficult to find! I don’t really want an induction burner…..

    Thank you so much for coming to our area! We love having you here! Please come again!


    Lonnie McKinnie
    (I was the one crocheting caps before the show for breast cancer friends!)

    • The red curry paste was at World Foods in Cookeville, TN. I am not sure about about a large electric burner. I love my butane burner that I use during the show. You don’t need an electrical source so you can use it any where, (especially if you lose power). You can get those at Academy Sports and the butane is there too. I haven’t found them anywhere else. Other sporting goods stores only carry the propane ones.

  2. I am going to look for the pictures of Grant on stage cooking with you and share it when I find it!! He still talks about it like it was yesterday!!!! Love ya girl!! Miss you too!!!

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