New Year’s Celebration

New Year’s Eve is one of the largest global celebrations around the world and it is celebrated many different ways. While pondering on this year’s celebration I got to wondering how other countries celebrate this eve and day, it turns out that the majority celebrate it the same way this country does, parties, food, dancing and of course fireworks, but what makes it different in each country are the traditions that continue to be part of their celebration.

BROWN RICE LENTIL SALAD: “My family isn’t always crazy about trying new recipes,” DeAnn Howard writes from Lisbon, Iowa. “The first time I served this salad, they took tiny helpings just to appease me. But the unanimous verdict was ‘It tastes great!'”

For an example Brazil’s celebration revolves around their customs and traditions; one of those is to consume lentils and rice on New Year’s Day. It is considered to give you good luck, fortune and prosperity throughout the coming year. I like that idea, I love lentils and rice and eat it often, and here is a recipe you might enjoy and bring good luck and fortune in the next year.Another tradition in Brazil is to wear white on New Year’s Day to bring you good luck for the rest of the year. Their celebration also continues through the night after fireworks with parties, dance performances, followed by dinner which has Brazilian cultural dishes like rice, chicken, farofa, salads and marajuca mousse (made with passion fruit).

A famous beach in Rio de Janeiro hosts beach parties, with food, drink, dancing, and much celebrating to ring in the New Year. Another area to celebrate is at the Brazilian Carnival with people dressed in flashy clothes celebrating the New Year with song and dance.

That all sounds like a lot of fun but let’s get to the real celebrating; what I do for New Year’s.  A tradition in my family is to eat pork and sauerkraut at midnight or during New Year’s Day for good luck and fortune in the next year.

PORK CHOPS AND SAUERKRAUT: My mother made this dish years ago, when she was a young girl living in Germany. Later on, she continued to make it for our family. Today when I cook it, the wonderful aroma of sauerkraut fills the house, bringing back many warm memories for me. Mother usually served plain boiled potatoes with this dish, but for a special treat she’d serve steamed dumplings.

Additionally, I usually spend the day making a variety of appetizers for the evenings’ festivities, ranging from dips to saucy meatballs, cheese cubes to scalloped oysters. All of these items are consumed by my party goers; my husband and me. With a nice bottle of wine we will ring in the New Years together and when the ball drops at that magical time, I reach over and give him a nudge to wake him up to say “Happy New Year”.

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