Lansdale, Pa.- My Kinda Town!

Last Wednesday I had a show in Lansdale, PA…about 45 minutes away from my home, so I guess you could say it’s in my backyard. I had such a great night with Linda Moskal and team from WNPV 1440 radio.

I first did my prep with Chef Charles Cole and students from the North Montco Technical Career Center School which turned out GREAT. I then wanted to go to a farm that I had been to before called Merrymead Farms to see an old friend of mine who they lovingly call HARLEY the HOG. I kid you not, this old guy escaped the BBQ Pit a long, long time ago. Now he just hangs out in his personal pig pen (if you will) in a beautifully kept petting area. AHHH, the sweet smell of retired country life!

The show was just great and even my mother-in-law came with a friend to cheer me on! The wonderful folks from one of our National Sponsors, Stonefire NAAN Flatbread came and were in the front row. I’m off to Edison,NJ. next week then right up to Barre, VT. Man, what a great start to my Spring 2012 season. Go to and get a ticket to a show in your town and come see what everyone’s talking about!!

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