A Full House in Lancaster, PA

Oh Lancaster, my Lancaster…what a great journey it has been to be a part of the show at LCBC Church in Manheim, PA.  The venue is a large church, surrounded by corn fields, beautiful Amish roadside stands, and wonderful people.  I had a great culinary school just down the road that worked on all of my food prep…HUGE THANKS to Chef Tina Amt!

It was so exciting to get to the venue, and see lines of people, waiting all day to get into the building.  There were eight grills going all day long, grilling tasty treats and samples for the devoted Taste of Home fans waiting in line.  After that, when inside the building, attendees found 16 serpentine tables with sample after sample of home grown and local products- AMAZING.

I’ve found that when I do shows in large churches, like the LCBC, I don’t need to bring in as much equipment.  They heard that I took drum lessons years ago, so they didn’t remove the drum kit on stage, and actually let me play a little something after I was introduced!  A rousing rendition of “American Woman,” my drum solo, and the awesome emcee got the whole building on their feet, rocking out to what was to be a great show.  To finish this fun show, there were four HUGE door prizes ranging in price from $500-$1900, amongst many other prizes.

Needless to say, I love everything about this show and the town.  There is so much great community support and love for Taste of Home.  Thanks to everyone involved, and I’ll see you all next time I’m in town!  Next stop- New Hampshire.  Nothing like New Hampshire in the fall!

-Chef Michael

P.S. I forgot to mention that I was reunited with an old chef colleague of mine, Tim Carr!  Tim and I worked together many years ago in Atlantic City.  He now owns a restaurant downtown, Carr’s, that everyone knows and goes to!  It was great catching up with Tim and his lovely wife.

15 thoughts on “A Full House in Lancaster, PA

  1. It was great to see again old friend. You looked quite at home on stage and I really enjoyed hearing you on the drums. Glad to see you are living your dream. Thanks for sharing some great recipes. All looked delicious. Take care and hope to see you again someday.

  2. Just returned home from Taste of Home show at the Stockbridge Theater in Derry N. H. We had a great night and enjoyed Chef Micheal. Lots of fun good show and the Vip Passes where a great idea it was nice to see how everyone works together to put on this show,
    Thanks to all for a great night, see ya next year.

    • show was great. learned a few tricks. laughed quite a bit. chef michael was informative, entertaining and down to earth. had a great time

  3. Was one of the few male cooks at Stockbridge autotorium last night in Derry NH. Had a great time and enjoyed all the different recipes and will surely try since I do all the cooking in the family. Thanks again
    Roger Branchaud East kiingston NH

  4. Chef Michael, loved the show in Derry lastnight. Took my 16 year old daughter with me what a great experience for her. I brought my other daughter years ago when she was younger and now she’s a graduate of NECI (Iknow it’s not CIA – but still very impressive) VIP passes next time.
    Thanks again for a great time.

  5. Chef Michael, your show was ‘wicked awesome’ last night, at the Stockbridge Theater in Derry, NH… (it was me who said that, lol) I hope that you are able to do next years show. Everything looked wonderful and the tips you gave, some of them I never would have thought of, especially with the eggs! I will be sure to implement them. My brother in law went to CIA as well so I knew exactly what they were talking about, :). Hope to see you again next year! Next time I will definitely be on time to get the VIP passes (they were sold out by the time I ordered my tickets…) Thank you again!

  6. Chef Michael, Thank you for a wonderful show at the Stockbridge Theater in Derry, NH last night! My tickets were a Birthday gift from my mother and she was a little sad that she could not get me the VIP seats, they were all sold out. This was my first show and it certainly will not be my last! I definatley want to take her next year and hopfully we can get to the VIP seats before they are all sold out! For years I have seen/used or gotten the Tase of Home magazine and I’ve loved it. I’m a single parent and rely on quick and easy recipies, especially since my son is so active with sports =) I’d really like to know where I can get one of your S&P shakers? That was really handy! Also it would be really neat if you pick little old me to win the trip to Mexico! Pretty Please!? =) Thanks again so much for a great show, I had a blast and can not wait for the next one! Whoopie!!
    Lisa Giampaolo, Derry, NH

  7. We had a great time at the cooking show last night at the Stockbridge Theater in Derry NH. I hope you enjoyed your visit to NH in the fall. This was my second show with my sister in law who is a graduate of Johnson and Wales and bakes some amazing goodies, my wedding cake of course being the best :). This year I invited my mother in law to join us to experience what a great show it is to attend and I knew she would enjoy it. I have been a subscriber of the magazine for years and I just started going to the cooking shows recently with the first one being at the Palace Theater in Manchester. I look forward to attending one every year and I go on the website often to see when the next local show will be.

    You gave us some great tips and showed us some quick and easy recipes our families will enjoy. There is nothing better than having the family gathered around the table enjoying good conversation and good food. I especially loved the tip of passing the basket around the table to collect the cell phones, iPods, etc. before the meal.

    The show was also very entertaining and the audience really had a great time. I hope to attend a show where you will be the chef once again.

    I hope you are able to be the chef in Mexico and if you need any travel guests let us know ;)
    Thank you again for a wonderful evening
    Now where are my Gallo coupons ;)
    Stacie Levesque
    Manchester, NH

  8. Great time had by all in Derry. My first show, but will definitely be back next year. Loved the tip of
    the pizza dough over the bowl! Every recipe looked delicious and the presentation was great.
    So where do we get the S+P shakers?

    Thanks again for a fun evening!
    Dorothy Butler
    Derry, NH

  9. i went to the show with chef michael last night in taunton mass- everyone had a great time. i also attended last year in foxboro mass and that was also great. i think that there were more companies represented last year since it was a big room, but the show last night was just as great. i cannot believe how easy he makes it look! i would love to get your salt and pepper shaker! where can you buy it? thanks for a wonderful time

  10. Last year the Cooking School in Auburn NY was canceled, this was very disappointing! Can you tell why they are having it in Auburn anymore? I have enjoyed coming to the cooking schools there! Will they be coming back there anymore?

    • Hi,
      The shows are acquired by the Media in those towns every season so I don’t know why but look on tasteofhome.com/ cooking school/ find a show. Then put in your zip code and see what’s close to you-
      Sorry they weren’t involved this year but hopefully next year will happen-

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